Monday, July 28, 2014

Indian Warfare and Dining Fare 1950 - C M Russell

If you were riding a train from Chicago to Seattle in 1950, you might have been aboard the Great Northern Railroad's Empire Builder, and you might have seen this menu in the dining car. The menu, on its cover, features the art of C. M. Russell.

Here's the interior ... by the way, we like the prices. HOWEVER, we took a couple of items and applied the Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator (on the web) to see what today's prices would be. They seemed a little bit high, but we are not sure if the prices on the 1950 menu seemed high at the time.

And the back cover ...

From the back cover about the art ...

"C M Russell

On the front cover of this menu is reproduced "Indian Warfare," one of the masterpieces of Western art by Charles M. Russell, the Montana cowboy-artist. A larger reproduction of the painting appears in the observation-lounge car of this train. Largely self-taught, Russell had no peer in the depiction of the Western horse, the plains cowboy and Indian. He died in Great Falls, Montana, in 1926. Russell pictures reproduced on the Empire Builder Fleet are owned by Mrs. Kenneth Egan, Maurice Egan and Gene Robertson, and are on exhibition in the Mint, in Great Falls."

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