Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vista Dome Stewardess

In the good ol' days of travel, when things were more relaxed, there was even a stewardess aboard the train.

Today's travel sets up a different set of circumstances.  A few days ago John picked up someone at our large regional airport, SEATAC. You may have the same situation at your airport ... You can't wait for arriving passengers on the drive through the front of the airport.  But you can wait in what is called the "Cell Phone Waiting Lot" and, when your passenger is ready to be picked up, they call you on their cell phone.

Some folks know how to take waiting to the next level.  We liked this guy's idea.

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Weather Update

Dawn in the Northwest Today

Wall-to-wall blue, not a cloud in the sky. Looking to the north, Mt. Baker, in the Cascade Range, is silhouetted by early dawn light. Baker is about 80 miles from our location in Seattle. Expecting a high of 84 F today.


  1. Oh, how much travel has changed. I like the whole idea of the cell phone lot, and making oneself comfy! :-)

  2. Hi, John. Since I cannot send you an email, I'm answering your question here. No, I have not written any books. I was an editor who was good at fixing up the publications of others, especially my boss. We had dozens of books published over the years, but my job was fact checking, reference gathering, and occasionally rewriting garbled information written by others. It was all scientific writing, nothing like what I write today.

    I have no interest in writing an actual book, but I consider my blogs to be a sort of memoir. Thanks for the kind words! :-)

  3. Hi John, I love the old photos of stewardesses in their uniforms.

    The weather has changed dramatically overnight for you (Seattle) and I (Vancouver). It is quite warm here now. I hope you can stay cool enough down south. I am taking my visitor to a movie and we can stay cool that way. Yesterday we went late to the waterfront as it was so hot and humid yesterday. Lots of people late at the beach.

    You asked me about posts on Africa. I have a tab at the top of my blog called Work in Africa where you can get a general idea of my interest there. You can also search my blog for "Kenya" of "Kenya Missions of Hope". Here is an address you can cut and paste in your browser for the latter and it will show you a number of relevant posts. I hope you enjoy the posts! Thank you for your interest.


  4. lol Yes, he does know how to wait it out!


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