Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yellowstone Very Old Photos by Haynes [Part 1]

Yellowstone Park
Haynes Photo

What you see here is a very old album of photographs by famous Yellowstone Park "Official Photographer" F J Haynes.  The album is bound together with 3 brass clips.  All photos are mounted into little slits on a type of paper commonly used in scrapbooks, sometimes called "construction paper".  You will find the photo number and title printed at the bottom of each sheet, but that may be difficult to read since it is black ink on dark grey paper.  The cover has what might appear as water damage although no other pages have that damage.  The title of the album is simply Yellowstone Park -- Haynes Photo.  We will break that into four parts and show you the entire album this week. Where the photo number and/or title are exceptionally difficult to read, or missing due to the nature of the scan, we have tried to give you that  in a caption.


4117 -- Golden Gate -- East Entrance

4120 -- Swan Lake Valley from Golden Gate

4124 -- Constant Geyser -- Norris

More tomorrow in Part 2.  Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

Weather Update

Another clear, warm day on the way ...

The northeastern horizon is beautiful on the clear mornings. Last few days have been quite warm with some "above average" temperatures.   


  1. Such fine captures in black and white. B/W always gives such detail to a photograph, I think.

  2. Those are old photos ;-) I love your sky line and hope you are keeping cool. It has been pretty warm where I am so am staying in doors to keep as cool as possible. It looks like we will have rain by Saturday. Dare I say "yeah", lol.


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