Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colorful Old Railroad Advertisement

We love the art on these old ads!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

Update --- Pics from yesterday's walk ...

802 Seneca
New tower under construction nearby

Flowers more blue than the blue sky
on a blue-sky day.

Blue buds


  1. That is beautiful art. And your blue pictures are, too! :-)

  2. Another marvelous item from your collection! There is something so very charming about these old advertisements, especially compared to today's digitally enhanced to the nth degree art work. I love the rich colors. Your blue themed photographs are anything but blue. A most striking series!
    The bluer than blue sky flowers are my favorite.

    I must express my deep appreciation for the extra kind comments you left on my two recent blog posts. Thank you so very much! Reading your sweet, positive words ALWAYS brighten my day.

    Like you, I wish I had more time to visit your blog as well as others, but I spend so little time on the computer. We are working on building our new home and once it is completed, I will be able to enjoy visiting wonderful blogs like yours more often.

    Concerning cameras ... I looked up your Sony a7 and it sounds like a excellent camera! I am not familiar with Sony equipment at all, as I have only owned Canon cameras. The Sony has so many wonderful features and it is very light, which is such a big plus. It also got terrific reviews, which I always read when trying to decide on purchasing a camera. A couple of years ago, I bought a Canon Powershot SX50. It is much lighter than my Canon 7D and has a fantastic 50x optical zoom. The price is reasonable, as well. I'm guessing the Sony a7 is a more quality camera after noticing the price. I wish I could offer more assistance, but I am really only familiar with Canon equipment. Good luck! Sony has always worked for you in the past, as your images are stellar!

  3. I love those beautiful blue flowers.That colour is so rich.

  4. This art work of the fall foliage and railroad is another beauty. Even the flowers in your pics look like paintings today.


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