Thursday, July 31, 2014

Your City Rank -- 1900 -- Census

Our city was ranked 48. Where was yours? Wow, LA only #36!

Census 1900
Provided by the railroad
and published
October, 1990

July Wrap-Up

Since starting John's Island over four years ago we have wondered if we would ever accomplish publishing a new post every day for a month. Today's post will complete that goal. We sure do not think we will be posting every day in most months as we move forward. We have found blogging to be a pretty neat hobby especially for someone who is a collector. It provides an incentive to get the collection organized and to see what you can learn about the items in the collection. Well, tomorrow is August 1, and in a just a few days we will pass the midpoint between summer solstice and fall equinox and move into the second half of the summer season. Thanks for joining us on John's Island.


  1. I only joined you recently, having discovered you (I don't remember how) and have enjoyed your posts very much. I post three times a week on one blog, and once a week on the other one. It's all I can handle! We started blogging around the same time, too: my first post was in February 2009. :-)

  2. This post really gets one to thinking. Having just returned from 10 days in Iowa I see that Des Moines Iowa has more population than Houston. In fact Kansas City is 4 times the population of Houston and 6 times the population of Ft Worth. You have to wonder if the invention of air conditioning is a big reason for population shifts. It could also have something to do with oil.
    Really enjoy looking at your collection, being a fellow pack rat, and look forward to your future posts.


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