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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art of Winold Reiss - Sign Talkers

We started this series with our post on July 2nd.

Today's card is entitled Sign Talkers ... the third image below is an enlargement of the description on the back of the card.  

Sign Talkers
by Winold Reiss
for Great Northern Railway

Back of the Card

More from Winold Reiss in the days to come. Thanks for stopping by John's Island.

Dalhia Update

A few new blooms from the Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden. These photos were taken yesterday, July 9th.

Any surprise about the name for the dahlia
in the photo above?  Ha ha


  1. Beautiful dahlias, John. I always enjoy visiting your place. :-)

  2. Nice. I enjoyed the new post card (art) and the blooms. Have a lovely day!