Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vintage Wildflower Postcards

Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains

by Harrison Crandall, Photographer of Grand Teton National Park

Set of 10 Postcards

Goldenrod and Indian Paint Brush

Yellow Monkey Flower and Shooting Star

Wild Orchid and Yellow Bell

Monkey Flower and Glacier Lily
 This set of 10 cards is fairly rare, especially in excellent condition.

Butter and Eggs and Delphinium
Bush Mallow and Blue Camas

Wild Flax and Columbine
Wild Larkspur and Wild Geranium

Harebell and Scarlet Gilia
Fringed Gentian and Alpine Paint Brush

Same back on all 10 cards

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Beautiful work. Someone sat there and drew these! Magnificent.

  3. Hi, lovely collection. I've recently been able to acquire 18 of these Harrison R. Crandall wildflower postcards w/ 2 images each. I'm unable to find any postcards I don't have, but I am able to find at least ONE wildflower that is not on any postcard; that of the "Chiming Bells". Do you know how many total wildflower images Crandall painted; and, have you ever seen the "Chiming Bells" image on any medium?


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