Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yellowstone Wildflowers - W S Berry Postcards [Part 1]

W. S. and A. F. Berry, Gardiner, Montana, published a set of 12 Yellowstone Flower postcards in the early 1900s. W. S. Berry was well known for his photography of Yellowstone.  The set of cards were "Made in Germany".  Each card has a seal "W. S. Berry - First Award - View Class - N W P A - 1905 - Minneapolis, Minn."  Please leave us a comment if you know anything about the NWPA ... probably a Photographers or Printers Association.

Here are the first six cards, plus the envelope and one back ... the backs are all the same except for a small number in the lower right-hand corner, which must be an individual card "ID" number.





Indian Paint Brush

Thank you for stopping by John's Island ... Stop by again tomorrow for the other 6 Berry cards.

This Morning - July 12, 2012

In yesterday's post we talked about the Full Buck Moon. Here is a snap shot this morning ...

Brand New Full Buck Moon
This photo snapped at 4:32 AM PDT
just 7 minutes after exact
Full Moon time

Northeastern horizon around 4:30 AM PDT

Western sky around 5:20 AM PDT
The overnight low temperature was 64F and we are under an official NOAA "Heat Advisory" from 11 AM PDT this morning until 6:00 AM Monday! Yes, it is WARM!

Technology Update

Yesterday morning we were in the middle of preparing a new post for the Island when our router burped. If you are a frequent internet user and find that you have lost your internet connection, one of the first things to check is your router (which may also be called a “modem” … actually a router and modem serve two different functions, but they are, in this case at least, contained in the same small box, so … router … modem … whichever, but we will call it a router). What causes a router to burp (and we use that term loosely) is beyond our technological understanding, but it is characterized by loss of connection to the web. Usually, the issue can be resolved by simply turning off the power to the router, waiting a few seconds, and then turning it back on. Sometimes additional steps may be required to properly reset the router. Unfortunately, yesterday, none of those steps worked and we were forced to contact CenturyLink tech support, just to make sure the issue was not on their end. The router we were using was provided by Qwest over 7 years ago. Qwest was purchased by CenturyLink.  It turns out the router was beyond redemption and the next step was to replace the unit.  Of course routers can be purchased at many technology stores, but without that much difference in the price, we prefer to stick with the telephone company which required a trip to the nearest CenturyLink store. That store, it turns out, is located in Bellevue Square, and we are in downtown Seattle.  Given the timing, we decided to make lemonade out of a lemon situation and picked a Bellevue location for lunch. We enjoyed the lunch and afterward, when we arrived at the CenturyLink store, we were greeted by a young man who was both knowledgeable and respectful … something that seems to happen less often these days, but very much appreciated when it does. (Incidentally, should you need to shop at this store be sure to ask for Amaar, he is great!) The purchase of a new router went smoothly. Back at home base, installation was simple but did (in our case, at least) require another call to tech support to configure the new device. Four hours after the fateful burp we were back up with internet connection and all’s well at John’s virtual Island.


  1. Beautifully done. Thank you, John. :-)

  2. Oh I typed a comment and it disappeared!

    I like the botanical prints and the scenery shots.

    I was basically saying that it is always great to have a knowledgeable and respectful sales representative and that as things go you weren't out of an internet connection for long. I hope you enjoyed lunch at the new eatery.


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