Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Doctor Ordered Potatoes - 1928

Early American passenger railroads tried everything they could think of to improve business. Since many trips required multiple days one thing they could focus on was a pleasurable dining experience. The Northern Pacific became famous for its “Great Big Baked Potato”.  So, it’s not surprising that in late 1928 they printed up 50,000 little pamphlets called “What the Doctor Ordered”. It was all about potatoes. They probably handed these out in the dining cars. Here is the copy in our collection …

24 Tested Recipes for Serving Northwest Potatoes

Farming Potatoes

Statements That Potato is Fat-Producing Are
Why Potatoes Should Be a Part of the Menu
Here are a couple of recipes from the pamphlet. If you try them we hope you will come back and tell us about the results!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

Update – Recent Contributions

We have neighbors who keep an eye on John’s Island and give us encouraging comments when we see them out and around in the real world. Recently they shared two photos with the OK to post them on the Island. We enjoyed these photos and think you will too.

First, sunset on July 13th.  The evening was enchanted by this unusually colorful scene.

Second, a flower seen while out on a city walk.

We thank our neighbors for sharing the photos and hope to see more.


  1. You come up with some very interesting facts, John. I enjoyed this little fact sheet about potatoes and NP's potato promotion. :-)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words you have left for me. As for the potatoes,one can never have too many. I enjoy potatoes in almost any form.

  3. They are beautiful photos. I do love potatoes too but can't eat them so much anymore.


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