Thursday, July 3, 2014

DOC'S - West Yellowstone Montana - 1920s

Picked up at DOC's counter in West Yellowstone sometime in the '20s ...

DOC'S West Yellowstone, Mont.

Enjoy a vacation every day in the year

Liquor and Longevity
Presented with the compliments of
D O C ' S
The opinions expressed in the DOC's brochure are solely those of DOC's and do not necessarily reflect those of John's Island.  : - )

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  1. The Liquor and Longevity document gave me a good laugh :)

  2. May I use a copy of the top photo in a book that I am writing about the employee experience in Yellowstone?

    1. Yes. I hope you'll tell me about your book. Bet it will be interesting. John


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