Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yellowstone Very Old Photos by Haynes [Part 2]

This is Part 2 ... Very Old photo of Yellowstone Park. Please read our description in Part 1 here.

4128 -- Gibbon Falls

4130 -- Cascades of the Firehole

4121 -- Fountain Geyser

4132 -- Paint Pots, Lower Geyser Basin

4134 -- Wild Bears near Fountain Hotel
(Fountain Hotel does not exist in 2014)

4135 -- Excelsior Geyser -- Twin Buttes

4137 -- Morning Glory Spring

4138 -- Riverside Geyser

4139 -- Grotto Geyser

4140 -- Giant Geyser

More tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

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