Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alaska Railroad -- 1932

Today we are digging back into our collection of antique paper. Even if you are not a "Big Game Hunter" (we are not) you may like the colorful cover on this 1932 publication by the Alaska Railroad.

Alaska Railroad
1932 Brochure
Big Game Hunting

This folded timetable has information to help you plan your hunting trip to Alaska. We only like hunting for photos, but still, the cover is a piece of unusual art. The back has a map showing all the regions for expeditions.

Looking at an enlargement from the lower left ... we found some interesting regions like "Bear Country" and "Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes".

The "Valley ..." was new to us and we did find some interesting info on it in Wikipedia.

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. I am a hunter, of animals -- to shoot photographs of, that is. :-)

  2. My hubby would be salivating over this cover. He is a hunter and has been since he was a small child in South Dakota. We do process the animals he shoots and enjoy the variety of meats. The map is really interesting. Now I suppose one would hire a guide.

  3. How interesting!! I'm glad I stopped by....nice to meet you, and I also enjoyed perusing your blog and thought your sky photos in the post below this one were exceptional.

  4. yeah, hunting these by camera would be my interest, too. :)

  5. Nice cover! It reminds me of some of the postage stamps from the 1930's. Back in the day, stamps had lovely, colorful designs. They were something special compared with the computerized designs of today's stamps.

  6. Nice and colorful!!
    My brother in law has been hunting in Alaska and brought back a bear.

  7. Cheers. A photo trip to Alaska is on my bucket list.

  8. I definitely agree,that the best type of hunting is done with a camera.

  9. I'm in good company here. Lots of hunters armed with cameras! :)

  10. oh very interesting. I agree with Ruth Hiebert.


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