Monday, January 19, 2015

Union Station - Washington DC [1914]

The grand Union Station, Washington, DC, as it appeared on a postcard mailed October 14, 1914 ...

The back includes a brief message ... Trust you are well and happy little girl. Love from Father.

Addressed to Miss Jones, Oswego, New York.

Information on the back ... Card number 4011 -- "Union Station Waiting Room Washington. The new Union Station was built by the U. S. Government and the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The cost of the land, building and terminal improvements was $18,000,000. The structure is the finest railway station in the world. The building, of white granite, is 760 feet in length and 343 feet in width." Publishers: B. S. Reynolds Co., Washington, D. C.

To get a glimpse of how the same space looks today click here. Credit: District GPS --- a blog for students who intern in Washington, DC.

Update --- Sports

Since our blog is our journal, today's post would not be complete without mention of yesterday's National Football League's National Football Conference Championship game played in our home city, Seattle. In perhaps what was one of the most unusual games we have ever watched, our team, the Seahawks, with less than 3 minutes in regulation time found themselves with a 12 point deficit behind the challenging Green Bay Packers. Through what seemed like a series of miracle plays, by the time the clock ran out, ending the regulation play, the score was tied at 22. There was a coin-toss to see who would get first possession of the ball in the Overtime Period and Seattle won, and elected to receive. They then put together a drive that resulted in a touchdown and won the game 28 to 22. The Seahawks are Champions of the NFC and will, for the second year in a row, go to the Superbowl. Edition 49 of the world championship game will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, February 1, at 3:30 PM on NBC. Go Hawks! 
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  1. It is still a beautiful place today, isn't it? But more than a century ago, it was stunning. :-)

  2. Such a neat postcard to have, if not for the picture of the station, then for the written note from the father.

  3. neat card and such a sweet message. 'little girl' just tugs at the heart.

    go seahawks! you earned it!

  4. What a cool postcard, I like the picture and the message.. I am all for the Seahawks! I hope they win the Superbowl!

  5. How wonderful to have these old cards. I love to go through the old letters from my family, some are really heartbreaking (from the last months of WW2 when my family including my mom as a very young mother - to my much older sister - became refugees). Grand Union Station truly looks grand.

  6. That looks like a very neat place! Living here in Iowa it was disappointing and shocking for the Seahawks to beat Green Bay after Green Bay got such a good start. But I like the Seahawks better than the Patriots, so I'll be cheering for them in the Super Bowl.

  7. I love this station, it looks so nice.

  8. Pretty neat station.


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