Friday, January 2, 2015

Recent Skies

Some recent skies (and more) as seen in our parts of the world ...

Christmas Day Sunset, 2014
Seattle, Washington, USA

Bell Towers
St James Cathedral
Seattle, WA

Lonesome Road
Enroute Montana

Snow highlights areas around gorges in the hills.

Snow Covered Wheat Field

Keeping the roads clear.
(On this day the drifts were the problem)

Road Report: "Snow and Ice in Places"

Area of forest fire in 2013 now presents a
stark contrast with snow cover.

Lots and Lots of Snow
in the Rocky Mountains

Fan Mountain
Madison Valley
Montana, USA

Antelope Al Fresco
** but then again, they never dine inside, do they? **

About -13°F when this photo snapped.
Madison River,
For more sky photos visit SkyWatch Friday --- Thanks to SkyWatch hosts!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Beautiful sky pictures, John. I especially love the sky in "Snow Covered Wheat Field" picture. :-)

  2. Beautiful takes. We have the brrr winter day. I added my hubby outside on my blog.

    Happy New year and the best for 2015.

  3. John, all of them are beautiful, and what a wondrous variety of shots.

  4. Fabulous pictures. My favorite is Lonesome Road.

  5. Beautiful photos! I think my fav is the first lonesome road shot, with the gusts of snow blowing across the road. Happy New Year!

  6. I always enjoy seeing snow and I like a "little" of it!


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