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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Card Mailed 106 Years Ago Today [1909]

From our collection, a card postmarked Chicago, Illinois, January 18, 1909, featuring the Overland Limited ...

The Overland Limited
Chicago - California
We like the face of this card a lot. For one who loves trains, the background sketch is cool. And then, the art in the 3 ovals to illustrate 3 parts of the country ... On the left, downtown Chicago ... in the middle, a horseback rider, probably in the Rocky Mountains ... and on the right, the beach in California. How do you like the beach attire? Have we come a long way or what?

Note gentlemen standing on beach in suits ... not swim suits!
And the lady in blue is ... we guess ... getting a loving splash.

No street number, no zip code.

The  message.

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  1. Love seeing the old fashioned swimsuit.

  2. how very neat. i do like that design. :)

  3. Nice!! I like the ovals. Fun seeing the old bathing suits. : )

  4. The women back then were more covered up at the beach than many are in church today.

  5. Wonderful card, indeed. I laughed at the swimsuits, too. A century ago is not so long in some way, and in others it's huge! :-)

  6. wow neat card. You must have quite a collection.

  7. Love this one, John. I have a very small vintage card collection.

  8. Neat card! The beach sure looked different 100 years ago!

  9. I love this, John!!! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

  10. oh John such keepers. Amazing. I have never met anyone who kept cards but you. Card Collection. I have stamps. Books of them.