Saturday, January 24, 2015

Camp Lincoln in the Rockies [1927]

Camp Lincoln in the Rockies, a folded brochure and envelope published in 1927 by the Northern Pacific Railroad, to encourage travel to Camp Lincoln, a summer guest ranch, located in Lincoln, Montana. Be sure to click on images for larger views.

Enlargement of art on the envelope.

Folder opens up to this view.

Description of Camp Lincoln

Back page gives rates and info for travel on
the Northern Pacific passenger trains.

Actually the front ... a place for writing and suggesting
Camp Lincoln to your friends.

A free envelope is included.

You will never be the same!
Enough said.

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  1. I knew it was a Dude Ranch from the description, but I was surprised when they actually called it that. Now they are called something else, but I can't think what would describe it better! :-)

  2. And still true today i bet! I've never had a Rocky Mountain vacation ....but i'd love one :)

  3. It looks like the perfect place for a summer camp and some adventures!

  4. enjoyed my visit ... now calling my travel agent. (do those still exist?)

  5. Summer camp...I have some great memories of summer camp as a kid. But this one looks a bit exclusive.

  6. I bet people made some great memories there. : )

  7. This type of tourism was really popular at that time. There were few ways to get there. Looking back at how the railway served is interesting.

  8. Neat advertisement! I find it interesting to see what the ad writer considered the greatest parts of the camp to try to talk people into coming. These days if someone advertised a place as having electric lighting it would be...ah, almost funny! The Princess Grill and Pizzeria which I wrote a bit about in my last post was built in 1915 and still has a sign over the front door back from when air conditioning must have first come out, advertising that the restaurant is air conditioned. Today the big thing is free Wi-Fi! I wonder what the next attraction/comfort will be in 50 years!

  9. Travel to the Rocky Mountains by train sounds like fun! I love the old advertisement. Have a happy day!


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