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Yellowstone Camps [1926]

From our collection, an advertising brochure for Yellowstone Park Camps, published 1926 by the Union Pacific Railroad to encourage visits to Yellowstone National Park. The whole camping experience was more adventuresome and economical than tours of the Park staying in standard hotels. Almost the only way to get to the Park was via railroad. Private cars were allowed into the Park as early as 1915, but were still rare in 1926.

Yellowstone Park Camps
A folded brochure.
Published 1926

Publisher of the brochure ...
Union Pacific System --
The Overland Route

Ideal Yellowstone Vacations

Enlargement of artwork


Yellowstone Park Camps
Standard Park Tour = $45
4 1/2 days including food, lodging, and

Camp Photos
Note automobiles in these pics!

Pages showing the various Tours
We like the art work at bottom of these pages.

Map of the Park and
"Camping Out De Luxe!"
A New Adventure

Dining Room at a Camp -- Illustration

Various Photos

Last pages -- Detailed Information


More Details
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  1. I had no idea Yellowstone was opened so early in the twentieth century, well before most people traveled long distances by car.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures and text. The man feeding a bear cub sugar cubes sure wouldn't be shown today! :-)

  3. Amazing set of photos. They don't make mention of the danger of the bears. Interesting that they want to encourage women to join the groups. Can't you just imagine some really refined ladies from the East joining the camp?

  4. The detail is and info. Would anyone take the time to put something like this together today?

  5. What wonderful posters and brochures...treasures all!

  6. I think these were beautifully done, and I love the details and artwork, John. The way things are done today, many offensive language and images, it's no wonder that so many folks like us like to go back in time and appreciate how things were so long ago. Thank you so much for sharing, John, I love your posts.

  7. You could rent a sweater in the park?? Bizarre! :-)


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