Sunday, January 25, 2015

Daughter of the Rockies [ ca 1908 ]

From our collection of old postcards, please take a look at "A Daughter of the Rockies" published by Raphael Tuck & Sons, "ART PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING AND QUEEN." Although uncertain, we believe the date of publication to be around 1908. It was during this time period that the publishers introduced their series of post cards known as "State Belles".  The front of the card features a portrait of an attractive young lady holding a mining pick over her right shoulder. In the lower left corner we see the State of Montana logo, "Oro y Plata" (Gold and Silver) and an image including a mining pick. At the very bottom we see the title of this card. How do you like this card?

Since this card is one of a series, "State Belles", we are inclined to believe there was a card for each state, and, we can imagine there were card collectors who wanted the full set. In a quick search of Google Images we found about a dozen of the other State Belles, but, sadly, not one of our own state, Washington.

If you like this card, and are curious about the publishers, yes, you can read all about them (and possibly even more than you want to know) on the web here.

Publishers were "appointed" by
the King and Queen (of England?)

A version of the Montana State logo
found online
Enlargement of the logo from
the lower left front of the card.
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  1. I'm pretty sure she wasn't actually going to use that pick dressed like that, but it's pretty anyway. :-)

  2. Oh what a lovely postcard! I would love to find out if there was one for Virginia.

  3. Pretty postcard! I'm not American so I had no idea these postcards existed but they sure are nice! I appreciated the history lesson too!
    Thank you for the follow on my photoblog, Day One. I follow you now as well.
    Happy Sunday!

  4. nothing like trying to make a woman look soft and demure and tough at the same time. :)

  5. I wonder if somebody somewhere has a collection of all these cards?

  6. Great postcards!!
    Thank you for your kind words. : )

  7. That young lady looks like she means business!

  8. Enjoyed. Be fun to see the various cards.

  9. The card is beautiful! Love her outfit!


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