Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Cars in Yellowstone [Mostly 1920s]

A few favorite photos of old cars in Yellowstone National Park, mostly 1920s. Were these the "good ol' days"? Click on photos for larger view.

Try and get it ... about 1921

Public Auto Camp, 1928

Rutted Roads, 1927
Is that snow in the ditch?

Near Lewis Falls, 1922

"Drive Up" Old Faithful, 1916
The first year private cars were allowed into the Park was 1915.

Tourist Car, 1924
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  1. I think I'll pass on the "good old days" John. These look a bit rustic for me! I really chuckled at the tourist car.

  2. And I thought our roads got pretty bad a few years ago with the spring thaw! Looks like they were terrible in 1927. I believe in the early 1900s and late 1800s Iowa had some of the worst roads in the nation--making it a good place for outlaws like Jesse James to hide out.

    I really like the shot of the man feeding the bear!

  3. I cannot believe I never took my brothers cars a pic back then. I took everything else.

    My one brother had a model T. car. Good old days John. When rugged roads were there. I have them here if I go to the camps they have off highway. Only one person can go in car if another one is coming.

  4. oh, my goodness! that rutted road! wow!

  5. Amazing how few times we (humans) ask ourselves, just because I can do it, does it mean I should?

  6. Now the tourist car may have all the equipment to survive in the wilderness , but will the car ever get there?

  7. Oh wow! I am so thankful for modern cars and comfort.

  8. Hello John, just stopping by to say "HI!" I like photo number one the best! Oh, in case someone is still in possession of one of these cars. He could be a millionaire. Vintage cars are very expensive.

  9. These are wonderful John! That first one is kinda scary!

  10. Those old cars are really something. Even I am not as old as they are. Our first car was a Studebaker, not a Model T. :-)


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