Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bulls [1905 or before]

Even a collector of old postcards can sometimes end up with a bunch of bulls. Yes, it happened at John's Island, take a look ...

Issued by Canadian Pacific Railway
"Bulls -- Experimental Farm"
Trying to put a date on this card ... The description refers to Indian Head, Assiniboia.  Today, Indian Head is located in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. According to Wikipedia:  "Most of [Assiniboia] was absorbed into the Province of Saskatchewan in 1905, except for the westernmost quarter, which became part of Alberta."

The label "Canadian Post Card" is fairly rare,
at least to us. Let us know if you have seen many
of these.

Closer look ...

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. I wonder what part of the bulls were "experimental," John. I never heard of a Canadian post card, but then again, I never heard of experimental bulls. :-)

  2. wow! handsome fellows, there! i'd not want to be gathering them together like that - but i'm assuming no cows were near.

  3. I like this one!! : ) Reminds me of my farm loop walk.

  4. Hey, for an American you have a good handle on western Canadian history.

  5. Those are fine-looking bulls--a very nice post card!

  6. I love these old things. How have I missed your blog all this time???


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