Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April 17 at Green Lake

April 17 at Green Lake ...

April 17, 2019  6:41 AM
Green Lake, Seattle
Looking across the lake just before starting my walk.
 Weather during today's walk ... Cloudy, cool, dry. About 49F (9.4C)

The person in the motorized boat yells at the crew ...
"Let's Go!"
April 17, 2019
Green Lake Crew, Seattle, WA

The path as it appears near my 2-mile point.
The trees are all in some stage of budding out.
April 17. 2019  7:20 AM


  1. Can almost smell the air and feel that cool almost warm wind.

  2. So lovely! It's the same beauty I've come to appreciate every morning. :-)

  3. Walking at a lake is always so nice. We have a few lakes in our area - which I have to drive to - and I always enjoy it.

  4. It is so good to see the green on the trees.It makes those reflections look even prettier.

  5. Early spring looks great with the new green growth.

  6. Hello, the trees are looking beautiful. I do love seeing your lovely lake view, it is a lovely walk. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day. Have a great Easter Weekend!


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