Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April 3 at Green Lake (and 2 too)

Today's walk around Green Lake, Seattle, WA ...

Complete overcast at the start of today's walk around Green Lake.
April 3, 2019  6:23 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
[Click on images for larger view.]

Great Blue Heron
April 3, 2019  6:55 AM

Walk early to avoid the crowds.
April 3, 2019  7:06 AM
Noticed this morning: More trees budding out.

Another walk is complete.
Back to the starting point.
April 3, 2019  7:17 AM
After the walk, on the way home, it started to rain. Wow, got it done just in time!

April 2 as well ...

Yesterday's walk started in the afternoon, after yesterday's post already published, so including those pics here.

Started the walk yesterday later in the afternoon.
April 2, 2019  2:38 PM

Pleasant afternoon walk around Green Lake
Mostly cloudy, nice comfortable temps.

I like this kind of thing!

In yesterday's post ... Cherry Trees at UW in bloom.
Here's one at Green Lake that looks good.
There are several around the lake.

Take a close look at these guys. They appear to be sound asleep.
Mid-afternoon nap?
April 2, 2019  3:09 PM

Back to the start ... another walk is in the books.
April 2, 2019  3:35 PM


  1. I wish I could go on one of those walks!

  2. I think I'm beginning to know the heron personally. Same one, I'll bet. Nice shots, John. Life is good and April is when the world comes alive after winter! :-)

  3. Glad you got your walk done before the rain came. I am beginning to feel like I should get out there and walk, like you are. Enjoy those walks and the lovely scenery.

  4. there will be times when you have to walk in poor weather. Don't let it stop you. Tonight I don't feel like walking but the weather is very nice. Don't worry I'll get my walk in.

  5. Hi John. Certainly over cast there at Green Lake - looks very gloomy. Sleeping Ducks is interesting- a bit of a break from feeding all the time I suspect. Cheers. KEV.

  6. Hello, I am with you on walking early, I do not like crowds. Great sightings of the heron and ducks. The Cherry blossoms are beautiful. we are starting to see the tree budding. Lovely collection of photos. Wishing you a happy day!

  7. Have I ever told you I love clouds. Maybe not just gray sky...but anything puffy or threatening rocks.

  8. Looking like spring. As you know I like walking early morning too. :)


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