Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1 at Green Lake

Today's walk at Green Lake, Seattle, WA ...
First look at Green Lake this morning.
April 1, 2019  6:42 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA  USA  

April 1, 2019  6:46 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
Just before sunrise this morning.

April 1, 2019  7:37 AM
I like the halo effect.
The first walk of April is complete.
Weather Log ...
Seattle Forecast for the next few days.
Rain on the way middle of the week.

Last evening ...

Maersk Stralsund Leaving Seattle last night.
March 31, 2019  7:27 PM
Happened to catch arrival of this ship and posted about it
in the March 30th post.

Another colorful sunset last night.
March 31, 2019  7:36 PM
Yes, that is the Stralsund headed northbound in Puget Sound.


  1. Ah, another walk, just when I was afraid you would disappear again. :-)

  2. Isn't that halo effect amazing? It is things like that that remind us to look up. :)

  3. Love the halo around the sun. The water just always seems to be so beautiful and calm and that makes for some amazing pictures. Enjoy the week my friend.

  4. You're an ambitious guy. You get the sunrise and the sunset.

  5. Wonderful to see the halo around the sun. Great capture.
    So nice to see you continuing your walking!!

  6. Such beautiful photos.
    Great images to capture.
    Just over from Spud's. Will come back.

  7. Hi John- I'm amazed at the size of those Container Ships - they certainly pile high their freight...great photos of sun-up. Cheers. KEV.

  8. Happy spring and happy April dear john !

    absolutely LOVED the serene magical views of lake !

    hope you are having blessed week my friend!


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