Friday, April 26, 2019

April 26 at Green Lake

Friday morning walk at Green Lake ...

Looked at the clock in the car on arrival at Green Lake ... 6:00 AM
Ready for another walk around the lake.
Walk #57 since March 1 without missing a day.

Green Lake, Seattle, WA  April 26, 2019

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
Re the photo above ... A comment on an earlier post suggested that geese usually have more than one gosling. I believe the family in the photo is the same as the one in MY APRIL 20 POST. So far, this is the only gosling I've seen. Makes me wonder if this was an unusually early birth and even more so because there is only one. What do you think?

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA

As usual, Crew already at work
April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
I just love some of these big old trees.
Of course, some have seen the end of life,
like the one on the right. At Green Lake they
let these dead trees remain in place until they
become a hazard. And I am just guessing
about that.

Early morning shadows are cool.
April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
The walk is almost done and, for some reason, it
seemed to go quickly today.
Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to this walk?

The walk is done.
The sun is up.
Sky is most clear.
Gorgeous day on the way.

April 26 at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
It's Friday, so I'm linking up with Skywatch Friday. Thanks, Yogi, for hosting.

Yesterday ... a couple of freighters arriving in port. There was a lot of haze in the afternoon so these are not the greatest photos, but it was fun to see these big ships pull in.

Yang Ming Upsurgence
April 25, 2019

NYK Rigel
April 25, 2016


  1. What a beautiful sunrise walk! So lovely that the rowers and the geese were there to share the start of the day with you.

  2. Hello, looks like a beautiful start to your day. Lovely sunrise images. Nice capture of the geese. I like the shadow shot, they are fun. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Good for you. That's a lot of days in a row. I smiled when you said your walk seemed to go by quickly. I can't believe how fast the time goes by when I'm walking!!! :)

  4. It is interesting to see a goose family with only one gosling.Who knows just what happened. Lovely pictures.Have a wonderful weekend John.

  5. And that was another lovely morning!

  6. Yes, another lovely morning, and another walk under your feet. I am loving this, John. I hope it continues for a long time. :-)

  7. Hi John. I'm not up on Bird Life- though it seems strange that there is only one Gozling...usual to see a whole gaggle of them. Great photos. Cheers. KEV.


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