Saturday, April 6, 2019

April 6 at Green Lake

Another walk in the rain today at Green Lake ...

At the start ... raining lightly.
April 6, 2019  7:05 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
If you wonder why I put "Green Lake, Seattle, WA" under a lot of pics, when it should be obvious, the reason is the great Google crawler will find the pics and they will show up in a Google Image Search for "Green Lake Seattle" click on TOOLS and select TIME and PAST WEEK. My guess is that, unless you use the time element, my pics won't show up in the initial search because there are so many Green Lake pictures that have been posted.

Great Blue Heron this morning at Green Lake
April 6, 2019  7:36 AM
(At a point a little more than halfway around the lake.)

Mallards sleeping in on a Saturday morning.
April 6, 2019  7:37 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
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Thanks, Eileen, for hosting!

A little like pink snow under this old cherry tree as
the blossoms fall.
April 6, 2019  7:44 AM

Back to the starting point.
Another walk around Green Lake in the books.

April 6, 2019  8:01 AM


  1. Hello John. I found you through Karen's blog - Happy One. She and I are friends from her old neighborhood. She actually inspired me to start blogging. I love your pictures of nature. The title of your blog also pulled me in.

  2. I did a search to see. There are a ton of photos of Green Lake!

    Still beautiful.

  3. I admire your commitment in walking every day around Green Lake, I wish I had the same instead of laying in bed an hour longer. I really need to get my A**e in gear

  4. Hello, beautiful views. The blossoming tree is lovely. Great sighting of the Heron and the ducks. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.

  5. The cherry tree must be exceptionally beautiful. I noticed all the green sprouts near the Mallards.I can hardly wait to see that around here.

  6. I think you had more rain in Seattle than we did, but it waited until I had done my walk with the ladies before it started. We have even had bits of sunshine, or as they say around here, "sun breaks." :-)

  7. More great shots. No rain for me today.

  8. I think the way it works is if your photos show up more on the internet , they will be the ones people see. Yes , I know you have to earn that position. I wish you luck.

  9. Thank you for the walk in the rain. Love the heron!

  10. Hi John. Plenty of rain there- certainly helps to keep things'l be looking forward to the summer months I expect...we're in Autumn here- very hot day to-day...I'm in shorts and a short sleeve shirt and not a cloud in the sky. Cheers. KEV.

  11. This looks like a great walk, John. I'm thinking it will change with the seasons :)

  12. I enjoy watching the Heron fishing. Great captures.


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