Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cherry Blossom Time - Seattle

It's Cherry Blossom Time at the University of Washington ...

Snapped all these pics of the Cherry Trees at the University of Washington yesterday.
Pictures can't really do justice to the scene, but here are a few anyway. This was the first day for students in the new session and there was a good crowd in the courtyard.

Yesterday's evening sky ...

April 1, 2019  6:54 AM

Earlier this morning ...

Triton Container ship northbound in Puget Sound
April 2, 2019  9:19 AM


  1. Even if your pictures can't convey the entire magnificence of those cherry blossoms, they sure go a long way towards it! So lovely, John. Thank you. :-)

  2. Oh wow! The blossom covered trees are amazing.It must be awesome to walk under them and smell the blossoms and perhaps hear the buzzing of bees.I love these scenes.

  3. Wow...wow...wow...

    Do these trees grow actual cherries? Dark or sour?

  4. Sure are lots and lots of blossoms. Must be something to see in person. Beautiful.

  5. what a beautiful day to start a new term.

  6. Hello, they cherry blossoms and trees are gorgeous. What a lovely sight to see. Lovely view of the Olympics Mountains! Enjoy your day!

  7. O, that is nice, John! Wat a beautiful blossom trees!

  8. These are wonderful photos, John. You captured the beauty of the cherry blossoms, on the next to the last day in their prime, as well as the vibe given by all the people enjoying our version of ‘Hanami’ (Japan”s cherry blossom viewing). They are so very beautiful and transient. All the more to savor and treasure such moments. Thanks for sharing God’s gifts through your talent.


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