Friday, April 12, 2019

April 12 at Green Lake

Snaps from today's walk at Green Lake, Seattle ...

Crew at work.
Snapped this pic just after stepping out of the car.
Too much motion, I know. The camera did say, "Raise Flash" ... LOL
April 12, 2019  6:18 AM
Introduction, in case you are a new visitor to this blog ... I'm currently in a little personal challenge to take a walk each day, snap a few photos along the way, and post them here on the blog, sort of like a journal. Today happens to be the 45th day I've walked the 2.8 miles around Green Lake in Seattle without missing a day.

As usual, at this time of day, the path is mostly mine.
April 12, 2019  6:48 AM

Reflections ... again.
It seems that once the leaves are out these reflections
won't be so interesting. We will find out soon.
April 12, 2019
Notes to self ...

Little time for notes today, lots on the agenda. I will mention this ... The next section, Ship Spotting, is just another hobby. I do have a pretty good view of Puget Sound from home and like to snap pics of ships coming and going. Seattle is a busy shipping port. I really appreciate the way this hobby ties in with the Internet. I don't have any idea how, 20 years ago, I could have found out all about the ships I see. Now, it's a simple search.

Ship spotting ...

NOAA's Oscar Dyson spotted out in Puget Sound a couple of days ago.

Oscar Dyson Website
April 7, 2019  10:29 AM
From Oscar Dyson homepage:
Homeported in Kodiak, Alaska, Oscar Dyson is the first in a class of ultra-quiet fisheries survey vessels built to collect data on fish populations, conduct marine mammal and seabird surveys, and study marine ecosystems. The ship operates primarily in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.


  1. That rowing looks like hard work. I cannot wait until school is out for me. I will be walking each day, like you. Keep it up, John.

  2. ..John, keep up the good, I'm off to the Y to walk on the track. I see NOAA ships when I'm in Maui. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. This looks like such a serene walk. I love the early morning.

    The crew team is amazing. It must be hard work.

  4. I'm getting back to walking tomorrow no matter what. I have been not up to it the last 4 days with my chest cold.
    Good for you, 45 days is a great accomplishment.

  5. The trees are showing more and more green. It looks great. John,I'll trade you some of that green for the snow I woke up to this morning.

  6. I am so enjoying your walks, and I intend not to miss a day commenting, either. :-)

  7. You can guess that this prairie boy would like ships as we don't see any here.

  8. Great shot of the NOAA underway- last time the ship was at a pier. Always like your photos John. Cheers. KEV.

  9. Hello, great shot of the rowers. I like the reflection shot and your view of the trail while walking. I would enjoy the view along with the ship spotting. Great photos. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!


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