Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 18 at Green Lake

April 18th, a rainy morning walk at Green Lake, Seattle ...

I arrived at Green Lake this morning at 6:31 AM.
The car temperature readout said 53 degrees.
Rain was just starting as I began my walk.
April 18, 2019

The rain got a bit heavier as the walk progressed.
I was reluctant to get the camera out but couldn't pass up this one.
Great Blue Heron at Green Lake, Seattle, this morning.
April 18, 2019
Linking up today with Thankful Thursday just to let everyone know I'm thankful for the variety of God's creatures and a beautiful place to walk not too far from my home. Many thanks to Michelle for hosting the linkup.

Near the end of the walk the puddles were filling up in the usual spots.
The rain drops ... are they messing up the puddle art OR are
THEY the puddle art?  :-)


  1. We have herons here too on the east coast. I wonder if they migrate that way? Could some of them be the same ones?

  2. Hello, the heron does not seem bothered by the rain. Sorry, it had to rain on your walk. Great shots, love the heron. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day. Have a great Easter Weekend!

  3. I think the rain drops are some great puddle art. I love a good rainy day.

  4. Hey, I think those raindrops are the puddle art in this shot.

  5. That is a magnificent heron shot. I'm glad you decided to take it and share it with me! :-)

  6. Good for you for walking in the rain. Lots don't. I would say puddle art!!

  7. John, you're good stuff to get out and walk in the rain.

  8. ...rain is something to be thankful for, we need to reminded now and then.

  9. The shot above reminds me it's about time to switch from hiking to kayaking.

  10. your sharing reminded me a rainy day back in village during our visit 2015

    me and hubby left for hill walk enthusiastically but downpour turned into heavy rains and we could not capture the single image :(

    i loved the heron ,majestic creature indeed ,brilliantly captured!


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