Friday, April 19, 2019

April 19 at Green Lake

Good Friday, April 19 at Green Lake ...
As it looked at the start of today's walk around
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
April 19, 2019  6:31 AM
Linking up today with Skywatch Friday

As usual, the Blue Heron is looking for breakfast.
April 19, 2019
Green Lake, Seattle

I believe it is a Red-winged Blackbird annoying the Heron.
The Blackbird swept down to the Heron several times.
I stopped for a couple minutes to see if I could capture this.
Way too much movement but you get the idea.
April 19, 2019  6:39 AM
Green Lake, Seattle

Rain at times during today's walk but mostly dry.
Comfortable too.
April 19, 2019
Green Lake, Seattle

The forecast calls for a sunny weekend.
Looking forward to seeing this scene in sunshine.
April 19, 2019  6:54 AM

The walk is done for today.
Crew is heading in.
April 19, 2019  7:30 AM


  1. ...another early start to your day, thanks for taking me along. Happy Easter.

  2. Hello, love the heron and blackbird captures. It is nice seeing the trees turning green again. Neat capture of the rowers. Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter weekend!

  3. Pretty shots, John. Weird to see those birds fighting. Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and hope it is sunny for you!

  4. So green! I wonder why that blackbird had it in for the heron; we'll never know but your photo, although blurry, was a nice capture. Alana

  5. Everything looks so pretty and green.

  6. Your spring is fully there. Now you're just waiting for summer.

  7. This may come as a complete surprise, but I love that blurred shot. It has a mystical feel to it.I'm glad you posted it even if it is blurred.Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  8. green lake is such a beautiful place dear John!

    thank you for these stunning glimpse from your serene walk, view have poetic approach and day seemed perfect for wander :)

    you succeeded to give the idea of bird fun !
    blessings to you my friend!

  9. Happy Easter John. It is 'Easter Saturday' here- looking forward to Sunday tomorrow...I remember well going to our Presbyterian Church here in Campbelltown with my Mum a lot of decades ago for Easter Special Service. Easter reminds me of Mum- it is a special time of year. Regards. KEV.

  10. I wonder if the heron was too close to the blackbird's nest. I am surprised that they don't get along better. :-)


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