Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23 at Green Lake

A few pics from today's walk around Green Lake ...

Ready to start today's walk at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
Dark clouds with a few sun breaks.
A very comfortable 60F
April 23, 2019  11:30 AM

Enough sun to bring out the turtles.
April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019 at Green Lake Park

at Green Lake today.
April 23, 2019

Great Blue Heron at Green Lake today.
April 23, 2019

Heron takes flight.
I'm impressed with those wings!

Walk is done ... looking across the lake to a sunny spot.
April 23, 2019  12:31 PM
Keeping an eye on ships out in Puget Sound ...

Triton Swallow Bulk Carrier Ship
at anchor in Puget Sound today.
April 23, 2019
This time of year bulk carriers anchor out awaiting
their turn to load at the grain facility.

Triton Swallow being refueled today.
April 23, 2019


  1. Gorgeous photos, John, and I love the reflections. Your walks are giving you some great scenes to enjoy.

  2. Beautiful reflection and I love the turtles!!

  3. Love,love,love the shot with the green trees reflected in the lake.WOW! It was a warm temperature here today, but the wind was so strong that it felt cold.

  4. Quite a change on the lake today from calm to windy!

  5. ,,,a beautiful walk today, let's do it again.

  6. That shot of the heron taking off is amazing! Plus the turtles make me smile. :-)

  7. Hello, beautiful views of the trees and lake. Love the turtles and heron. Wishing you a happy day!

  8. Nice skies...sigh...and turtles! :)


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