Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 4 at Green Lake

Today's walk around Green Lake, Seattle, WA ...
Very first snap today at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
before starting my walk around the lake.
April 4, 2019  6:28 AM
The walk distance is about 2.8 miles.
[Click on images for larger view.]

Don't miss the Great Blue Heron on the way to breakfast.
April 4, 2019  7:15 AM
Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Back to the starting point and another walk around Green Lake
is done. The sun is up. Can you see the steam rising off the water?
April 4, 2019  7:22 AM
Last evening's sky ...

April 3, 2019  7:44 PM
A big break in the clouds made the color predictable.
Looking west from Seattle.
Weather Log ...
Looks like I'll be walking in the rain tomorrow!
Nice and sunny today however.
Weather Log is from the National Weather Service.


  1. Hello, lovely sunrise and start to your day. Great capture of the heron in flight. The sunset is gorgeous too. I hope there is a break in the rain tomorrow, just for your walk. Enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  2. Again John I love seeing the dawn and the sunsets you show

  3. I love the second picture. The colors and then the heron flying through all come together to make a fantastic shot.

  4. Que imágenes más bonitas.
    Buen fin de semana

  5. Since our awful winter turned me into a "couch potato it may take me a few weeks to make you distance around the lake..:)

  6. Beautiful pictures. I might be walking in the rain tomorrow too.

  7. Really wonderful to see the subtle changes from day to day, and to join you on your daily walk. :-)

  8. How many times have I said "I'm going to get up early like John and get some sunrises.

  9. Me ha encantado tu pagina.
    Te dejo la mia por si deseas visitarla o criticarla.
    Besos gracias.


  10. Pretty captures John, especially the Heron on the wing. Thank you for dropping by my blog.


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