Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 14 at Green Lake

A pretty awesome sky right at the start of my walk today.
March 14, 2019  7:17 AM

If you walk Green Lake, watch out for this thing.
Seeing it coming, I stepped way off the path.
It blows any loose particles off the path and into
a dust cloud behind it.

While off the main path I got a good chance to snap my
favorite evergreen tree from a new angle.
March 14, 2019  7:54 AM

By the end of the walk the sun is up, filtering through the morning
clouds. A couple of fishermen are at work. No sign of the Crew
this morning ... must be their day off.
Looking back to yesterday ...

After my early morning walk yesterday it was time for this week's special outing ... a visit to the Lemay Family Collection of vintage automobiles in Spanaway, Washington. Harold Lemay started collecting cars in the late 1960s and his collection grew to be the largest private collection of automobiles and trucks in the world.

I had been looking forward to visiting this collection ... I know at least ONE of my followers out there would enjoy this as much as I did. A fascinating way to spend the day.

My favorite in the collection ... a 1937 Cord ...

1937 Cord
288 cid, Lycoming V-8, 125 bhp
Price new: $2,445.
Inflation Calculator for the '37 Cord

Lemay Family Collection Website
One last shot from yesterday evening ...

A CMA CGM Cargo Ship departs Seattle
March 13, 2019  7:02 PM


  1. Hello John, beautiful sunrise and start to your day. Pretty scenes and photos from your walk. The 1937 Cord is a beautiful car. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Wow, stunning colours in the first photo! :)

  3. What a sunrise, beautiful. You got up early to see that something I sould do I must admit. Very nice car that

  4. That first picture is simply awesome. I'm still looking at snow everywhere, but, it is beginning to melt, so there is hope.

  5. That Cord is some car!!!
    I LOVE a pink and blue sky, my favorite.

  6. largest private collection! That's something.

  7. You start and end with a beautiful day in between. Happy Pi Day, John! :-)


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