Monday, March 25, 2019

March 25 at Green Lake

Walk #25 of 31 - March 25, 2019 - Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Green Lake, Seattle, WA
March 25, 2019  6:55 AM
Best color during today's walk.

The walk is complete.
March 25, 2019  7:33 AM
Yesterday ...

Spotted NOAA's Oscar Dyson in port ...

NOAA's Oscar Dyson
March 24, 2019  9:51 AM
According to Wikipedia, the Oscar Dyson is capable of "conducting multidisciplinary oceanographic operations in support of biological, chemical, and physical process studies." Wow.


  1. Hello, John! Beautiful captures of the sky! A lovely sunrise! Nice shot of the Oscar Dyson! Enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  2. No doubt the Oscar Dyson does some important work.

  3. That's a lovely sunrise, with delicate colors indeed. What are you going to do with April rolls around? :-)

  4. Nice sunrise and good capture of the ship. Thanks for the comment on the Chruch Explorer I have been visiting some really good ones of late

  5. Green lake has to be one of the more beautiful places one could find for a walk.

  6. Oh I love that pink sky and the reflection is beautiful.

  7. Well John, I believe you have just posted my all time favourite picture. That first image with those soft colors is just stunning. I sat and enjoyed its beauty for a while before scrolling to the next one.LOVE it.

  8. Hi John. The 'Oscar Dyson' looks fascinating- reminds me of Jaques Cousteue's 'CALYPSO' which was a converted Mine Sweeper used for ocean exploration purposes - I certainly enjoyed the TV series of the Voyages of the Calypso in the 1970's. The Marina looks well packed with pleasure craft - be hard to get a parking space there I'd imagine. Regards. KEV.


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