Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 24 at Green Lake

Green Lake, Seattle, WA
March 24, 2019  6:48 AM
Snapped at the start of today's walk.
Official sunrise time today = 7:04 AM

Mr/Ms Great Blue Heron ... similar location to yesterday.
Anybody know how to tell male vs female herons?
March 24, 2019  6:53 AM

Just passed 2 of the almost 3 miles.
Got the path mostly to myself.
March 24, 2019  7:26 AM

Another walk is done.
2.8 Miles
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
March 24, 2019  7:40 AM
Sunday, March 24th ... My 24th day of daily walks and posts here on John's Island. Update: This little daily walk is honestly giving me a brighter outlook.

Today's weather and a look ahead ...

Yesterday ...

March 23, 2019  7:04 PM
About 20 minutes before sunset.

“Less is more only when more is too much”
― Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. John why did I think you lived in Vancouver? My sone knows a guy who lives in Seattle, he used to work with hin in Dundee. Some wonderful sunrises and sunsets agan

  2. Having the path mostly to yourself would be perfection my mind. I enjoy the peacefulness of a walk without too many others around.

  3. Another nice walk. And long enough to get a workout but not so long as to become boring. Thanks for sharing it again with me. :-)

  4. After this much walking if you quit , it won't feel right

  5. Hello John, I am not sure if there is a difference between the male and female herons. I am glad you are doing so well and enjoying your walks. The views are fabulous. Love the sunset. Enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!


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