Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2nd at Green Lake

A few pics from this morning's walk ...

One person watching the sunrise.
Not a common sight, given the 36F temperature.

How about the reflections?
Water was pretty smooth.

"Greenlake Crew" getting ready for their workout.

Today's walk mapped ...
2.77 miles
51 mins 55 seconds
Outdoor temp = 36 F
Mostly clear.
Garmin Tracking via Fenix 5X

Later this morning, back at home ...

Eggs Benedict and, yes!, I prepared it!
The juice is V8 Spicy Hot.

Evergreen Container ship departing Puget Sound
Ships are leaving these days with smaller than usual loads.
Just normal or a sign of economic slowdown ahead?

A couple of recent sunsets ...

Pretty clouds.
Look closely to see Xpedia's construction cranes near the center.
They are getting in my view!

February 26th  5:47 PM
Unusual and beautiful.
Looking west (of course) over Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains

Today ... March 2nd  9:38 AM
Matson departure.
Elliott Bay Marina at bottom.
Olympics in the distance.
Sunny and clear today!
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