Thursday, March 28, 2019

March 28 at Green Lake

March 28th Walk Around Green Lake, Seattle, WA ...

First shot upon arrival at Green Lake this morning.
March 28, 2019  6:35 AM
It seems like today's pics are all about the reflections.

March 28, 2019  6:58 AM

March 28, 2019  7:01 AM
Great Blue Heron looking for breakfast.
Green Lake, Seattle, WA

March 28, 2019  7:01 AM
Great Blue Heron at Green Lake this morning.

March 28, 2019  7:10 AM
At about the 2-Mile mark or about 2/3 way around the lake for me.

March 28, 2019  7:31 AM
Back to the starting point.
Walk #28 of 31 is in the books.

If you know about Seattle you know it never rains here. But seriously, I've been lucky to have so many walks with dry weather. I probably shouldn't even mention that until it's all over. So far, I think just a couple of days required rain gear. Three walks to go to meet the goal!


  1. Have I mentioned before, how much I love your horizons?

  2. I don't know what it is about cold weather and lakes but you get some superb reflections on them

  3. Hello John, love the pretty herons and lake views! Beautiful series of photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend ahead!

  4. You were up very early this morning and got great sun rise photos.

  5. Great reflections, in more ways than one. I do hope you will continue with the walks and sharing them with me. We are way below normal with the rain, and I sure hope this doesn't mean a dry and hot summer. Not my favorite thing at all. :-)

  6. Beautiful reflections. John, are you planning on continuing or do you have another goal set for yourself?


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