Friday, April 5, 2019

April 5 at Green Lake

Walkin' in the rain at Green Lake this morning, Friday, April 5 ...

Green Lake, Seattle, WA
First shot before starting my walk around the lake.
April 5, 2019  6:14 AM
[Click on images for larger view.]
Joining up with Skywatch Friday

April 5, 2019  6:16 AM
Enjoying the path all to myself for a while.
Light rain.

Can't pass up the reflections.
Benefit of a rainy morning.
April 5, 2019  6:46 AM

Almost done.
Wow, very few people got up early to walk this morning!
April 5, 2019  7:04 AM
Green Lake, Seattle

Back to the starting point.
Sun is up.
Once again ... a halo effect.
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
April 5, 2019  7:10 AM
 Couple of ships spotted this morning after the walk, back at home ...

NYK Line freighter departing Seattle
April 5, 2019  7:36 AM
This is the NYK Constellation enroute
to Vancouver, BC

Hamburg Süd freighter arriving Seattle
April 5, 2019  7:37 AM
This is the KOTA EKSPRES
arriving from New Zealand
Gotta luv the way they spell express!

Zoomed in on the superstructure
Wondering ... Is there an elevator in there?
Weather Update ...

The word from local weather forecasters is rain, and lots of it, is on the way for this weekend. The way they talk about an "atmospheric river" headed our way led me to "learn more" on the web this morning. I can't believe I'm only today finding the University of Washington's Department of Atmospheric Sciences website. Very cool and loaded with information interesting to a weather nut, like myself. Below is a screen capture of the home page. Then, one of the plots showing the "total precipitable water" headed our way on Sunday morning. Now, if you're like me, you might wonder exactly what "total precipitable water" means. So, a definition from Wikipedia, is also below. Let's see how it all turns out in the next few days.

U W Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Plot of "Total Precipitable Water" forecast for Sunday morning.
Plot is from the U W Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Definition from Wikipedia


  1. Hello, even in the rain your views are beautiful. Love the lake and reflections. Cool capture of the halo! Happy Friday, I hope your day and weekend is great!

  2. I like how you can track the comings and goings of the big container ships. Nice puddle reflection photo, and beautiful sky shots!

  3. I'm a weather bug, too. It's fascinating to see how these atmospheric rivers, or "Pineapple Express" impact our weather. :-)

  4. Nice to know the rain doesn't keep you inside either.
    I walked in the rain too today. : )

  5. Good for you to get out and do your walk in the rain.

  6. Even in rainy weather you got some wonderful pictures.It might even be because of the rainy conditions that I like the pictures so well. The reflections are great.Hope you enjoy the weekend.


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